Rules of Play

Calgary Ladies Curling Club (CLCC)
2017-2018 Rules of Play
Amended October 11, 2017

      1. Canadian Curling Association rules shall apply unless stated otherwise in these rules.
      2. Free Guard Zone: All games shall be played under the 4 rock free guard zone rule.
      3. Length of games: All regular games are 8 ends. In the event of a tie no extra ends will be played.
      4. Time allotted for scheduled games:
        Monday games: start at 1:00pm and the buzzer will sound at 2:40pm
        Wednesday Games: start at 1:15pm and the buzzer will sound at 2:55pm
      5. Buzzer Rule:  Teams may complete the current end and play one additional end. An end is considered to have started when the first rock delivered has passed the nearest tee line.
      6. Points for games: Win- 2 points, Tie- 1 point per team.  Exception: defaulted games (9)
      7. Rules of Substitution:  (NOTE these title changes:  Tier I (was a Rover) – Tier II (was a Regular Spare)
        For simplicity the spares will be divided into 3 groups: Group A: Tier 1 (was a Rover), Group B (was a Spare), Group C – Regular CLCC Member
        Group A and C curlers may play any position at the discretion of the team for whom she is sparing.
        Group B curlers may only play lead or second.
        Order of Contact:
        (a) When a team requires a Skip or Third, Group A curlers must be contacted first, and then Group C curlers.
        (b) When a team requires a second or lead spare Group A curlers must be contacted first, then Group B and finally Group C curlers.
        (c) As long as one regular member of the team is present a team may play with three substitutes.
        Exception: if all four members of a team are in Playdowns, four substitutes may be used.
      8. Postponement of games:  There are no postponed games in the scheduled draws.
        Exception: if all four members of a team are in Playdowns, the scheduled game(s) may be played as per 7 (c) above or may be played before the end of the go-round.
      9. Defaulted game: if two teams are unable to play their regular scheduled game neither team will be awarded points.
      10. Changing Team Positions:  In Club games, a skip may change player positions between games providing the players agree.
      11. a.)  Changing Teams: a paid member dropping off a team can be classified as a Tier I Spare until they become a member of a different team.
        b.)  Refund of fees
        i. A pro-rated refund will be issued if a member resigns prior to October 31st
        ii. The refund will be pro-rated based on the Club price per player per game and the number of games remaining in the schedule
        iii. No refund will be issued if a member resigns from the Club after October 31st
      12. Tied standings in the final Go-round:  where two or more teams are tied in the final go-round (after reviewing total points and win-loss records between those teams), a play-off shall be held, only to determine teams advancing to the Championship games. Where a play-off game is tied at the completion of 8 ends or the buzzer, whichever occurs first, an extra end(s) must be played to declare a winner.
      13. Championship Games:  Calgary Curling Club Policy
        • All Championship final games are played to the buzzer or eight ends which ever occurs first. Where games are tied as per the foregoing, an extra end(s) must be played to declare a winner.
      14. Practice Ice:  Calgary Curling Club Policy
        (a) The following registered curlers of the Calgary Ladies Curling Club may book practice ice up to 3 days in advance at no charge:

        1. full time players who curl on a team once or twice a week
        2. share players
        3. 5th players
        4. Tier 1 spares (Rovers)

        (b) Tier 2 spares who are not included in (a) above, may book practice ice up to 3 days in advance for a fee of $10.00/practice
        (c) PLEASE NOTE:  Practice Ice for Non-Members
        In order for players described in (a) above, to maintain the privilege of no charge practice ice…. It is critical that if any of the players described in (a) above, bring a non-member to the club to practice that non-member must report to the office and pay the $10.00 practice fee prior to stepping on the ice.