Who We Are

The Club’s purpose has always remained the same: “to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship through the game of curling in and around the City of Calgary.” That is evidenced by the lifelong friendships formed and the camaraderie displayed all the time.

Women first curled, according to the records, in 1908, playing a four end game that caused quite a stir. Not surprising when you think about it:  as the custom of the day was for women to be versed in etiquette, handiwork, raising their children, managing their home and entertaining. However, these were the women of the new West. In 1919 there was meeting in the basement of our City Hall, where the female curlers from different groups amalgamated and formed the Calgary Ladies Curling Club.

It is hard to imagine that this club is ninety-five years old on January 1st of 2015. This must be one of the oldest, continuously operating women’s curling clubs in the country.  It is all due to the legacy handed down from those first organizers and the many Presidents and volunteers that have gone before, the current volunteers and those who are no longer with us.

The Objectives of the Club as amended Sept.28/09 are to:

  1. Promote fellowship and sportsmanship within the Club through league play, social activities and participation in other curling events;
  2. Increase all categories of membership in the Club when necessary;
  3. Provide league competition for various levels of play;
  4. Provide training and instruction to improve player skills;
  5. Promote and market the Club and the sport;
  6. Use the funds of the Club in pursuit of these objectives.

 The Management of the Club

The Club operations are taken care of by an elected Executive, their assistants and committee members.